Environmental Sustainability

Those who acquire real-estate are also responsible for the land and a piece of heaven…… and the air, the water, the plants and animals that live there, now and in the future. At Nômade Melides we are committed to minimizing as much as possible our environmental impact.The well-being of our guests and our commitment to Sustainability are our key priorities. And we believe that the two dimensions can coexist and complement each other. In a world where Sustainability cannot be ignored, we seek to make our best-possible contribution. We strive to apply the principles of an eco-lodge, minimizing our impact on the environment:

  • Waste and wastewater reduction;
  • Renewable energies use;
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products;
  • Organic agricultural;

In 2023 Nômade Melides was awarded the Environmental Sustainability award by AHRESP (Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Establishments of Portugal).

Get to know our sustainability actions:

  1. For the construction of the apartments, primarily ecological materials were used: The walls are made of straw and plastered with clay. Thanks to these natural materials, you can enjoy a perfect interior temperature: it’s cool in the summer and preserves warmth in the winter. Therefore, there’s no need for air conditioning. The house is thus certified with an excellent A+ energy efficiency rating.
  2. Our biological pool is refreshingly fun for guests but also a habitat for animals such as frogs, damselflies and even one or two small turtles. Water quality is ensured through the purifying effect of aquatic plants as well as a circulation pump and ultraviolet light. Water quality is tested permanently.
  3. The green space is for most of the year watered by the rain and by rainwater collected in a well. Nômade Melides displays a variety of plant species to maintain a diverse and resilient ground cover. We primarily use regionally available species with the least possible water consumption.
  4. We use solar energy for water heating: Grid electricity is only used on very cloudy days.
  5. During the colder season, the apartments are heated using a stove, where we use firewood collected on our land or sourced to local businesses.
  6. Chemicals are not used in our green spaces: We only use biological products, including those from our natural composting and the natural materials of the biological pool.
  7. We use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products whenever possible.
  8. In our kitchen, whenever possible, we use organic fruits and vegetables and regional products: The eggs are from free-range chickens. We do not serve meat.
  9. We separate recyclable waste. Organic waste is transformed into compost to fertilize our green spaces.
  10. We reduce plastic consumption, mainly bottled water.