… and for the air, the water, the plants and animals living on it now and in the future. Being aware of this responsibility we try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and to protect nature where ever we can. Did you know that Nômade is one of the first guest houses in Europe built of bales of straw? Find below what else we are doing to be green:

Our ecological measures:

The apartment house is built mainly of ecological materials. The walls are made of bales of straw, plastered with clay and the walls painted with lime and casein paints. Thanks to these natural materials, there is a unique indoor climate: in summer it remains cool, in winter warm and cosy. Which saves us energy-consuming air conditioning systems. In terms of thermal isolation, the house has been certified with an excellent A+.
Our swimming lake has little to do with a conventional swimming pool as it works without chlorine. The ecological balance of the water is achieved by a circulating pump, a sand filter, as well as by the purifying effect of the water plants. This still water gives a lot of fun to our human guests and also a home to many animals such as frogs, small reptiles, dragonflies, sometimes even turtles.
Throughout most part of the year we use collected surface water for our plants.
For warm water we use solar power. Only on cloudy days we need the help of electric energy.
In the cooler season, the apartments are heated with wood from the own property or from the neighbourhood , which benefits the CO2 balance.
Chemicals are taboo in our garden. That’s why weeds are growing.
We use (whenever possible) ecological detergents and cleaners.
In our kitchen, we use as much as possible fruits and vegetables from our own organic garden or from the neighbours, eggs from free-range hens and no meat from factory farming.
As well as our guests we take waste separation for granted.
We always dispose of a deposit of fresh drinking water from the well in the village. So we save a lot of plastic waste in form of throwaway bottles.