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The six apartments are individually decorated using mostly local materials as clay, local wood, schist, cork, lime. Each space is different, all of them are comfortable and cosy, perfect to enjoy your stay.

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On our property you will find many hidden places where you can enjoy the silence – watching the dragonflies at the swimming lake, listening to the birds in a hammock under a shady pine or on a walk through our wilderness. 1,6 ha of paradise.

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An endless sandy beach as far as one can see, idyllic lagoons with thousands of birds, enchanted forests with cork trees and monumental pines – the Alentejo coast is one of Europe´s last secret places – at the edge of the continent but only one and a half hour away from Lisbon.

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We have built a house for you, with thick walls made from bales of straw and clay. In summer it is fresh, in winter warm and from the wall of clay shines a dark moon of slate. The house is painted white and blue, like most of the houses here at the end of Europe. On the terrace we hung a hammock to soothe your senses. With the view meandering over the hilly green you listen to the birds in the garden. A gentle breeze sends greetings from our neighbour, the Atlantic. The air smells of warm pine and the natural pool invites you to swim. The earth keeps on turning, but it is much slower. We invite you to slow down. Welcome to Nômade!

One who buys a plot of land is also responsible for the earth and the piece of sky above…

… and for the air, the water, the plants and animals living on it now and in the future. Being aware of this responsibility we try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and to protect nature where ever we can. Did you know that Nômade is one of the first guest houses in Europe built of bales of straw? Find below what else we are doing to be green:

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